Even before its acquisition by Amazon in a deal valued just under a billion dollars, Twitch has been working hard to get more exposure across various media types. This includes streaming on PC and mobile devices, as well as devoted apps and services for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Now, it’s reaching out to a new medium — Google’s Chromecast.

Google has announced that Twitch is now available through Chromecast, enabling those that own Chromecast devices can stream gaming videos across a phone, tablet, laptop or television with ease. Going for $35, Chromecast has become the go-to device for some users when it comes to pushing video from the Internet to a TV — and Twitch will no doubt add to that populkarity.

“We are often asked if Twitch will ever be available on TV. My response is, we already are. Our Xbox and PlayStation integrations make it a one-click process to watch Twitch on your big screen,” said vice president of marketing for Twitch, Matthew DiPietro. “Chromecast is the latest in a line of products and features that will make it easy to have a ‘living room’ Twitch experience. It’s been one of the most requested features from our community, so we’re excited to get it into the wild.”

The streaming service is said to work impeccably well on Chromecast devices, enabling users to find their favorite streaming superstars with one quick search, and even take part in chat sessions with fellow fans and the streamers themselves.

This is just the latest move for Twitch in what has been a pretty jam-packed year, between tournament announcements, partnerships with consoles and, of course, that blockbuster Amazon deal. And the company likely isn’t done yet, as it will introduce several new features that tie in with its acquisition, possibly leading to more advanced support.

So get excited, streaming fans, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Source: GamesIndustry International