Twitter's Unsung Spamme-- Hero, We Mean Hero

LOLQuiz, taking over Twitter one quiz at a time

Interesting article over at Fast Company about LOLQuiz and its twenty-seven year old founder and CEO, Dave Zohrob.

For those of you who haven’t had the privilege of seeing the quiz enticements created by LOLQuiz (similar to all those quizzes your Facebook friends can’t get enough of), the idea is simple.

Take a hot topic.  Write or take a quiz about said hot topic.  Rinse, repeat.

And for all of you who are trying desperately to reach the Twitterspheric heights of Zohrob, read on:

In just over a month, LOLquiz has amassed more than 300,000 users and scored at least 20 of Twitter’s top trending topics – all by letting people write, take, and tweet about five-question quizzes. Yet Zohrob has no advertising budget and works with just one business partner: Jim Young, founder of The success of LOLquiz, he says, is part luck, part tech, and an army of tweens.

“I was just experimenting,” says Zohrob, noting that he created the site after spotting the similarly popular quiz apps on Facebook. “I had no idea it would get this big.”

You had no idea it would get this big, huh?  I’m busting my ass here to get 45 followers to my company’s website, and you just happened to stumble upon 300,000 users?  You son of a —

Lesson?  Never underestimate the scaleability of a seemingly innocuous idea in the hands of a social network.

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