Xbox Live Indie Games have long had discoverability problems, and many complained the problems got worse with the latest dashboard updates. To Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games, the problem is solveable by merging XBLIG with Xbox Live Arcade.

“I’d like to see [XBLIG] kind of merge into XBLA,” Boyd commented. “Keep Indie Games free to everyone but if you have a really good game, you could submit it to Microsoft for it to be upgraded to an XBLA title. Right now, becoming an XBLA developer is fairly difficult for a small team, so reducing the barrier of entry to XBLA could only help Microsoft, I think.”

Boyd mentioned the Dream Build Play contest to bring indie developers to Xbox Live Arcade. “Early on, several winners and nominees got on, but after Dust won, I can’t think of anything else. Most of the winners ended up just being released on XBLIG,” Boyd noted. “Far more indie games are released on Steam than XBLA, and yet Steam is tremendously successful. I think opening up XBLA a bit – but not completely – would only help.”

Source: Edge