SplitmediaLabs, creators of the popular XSplit Gamecaster program, which allows gamers to easily set up and customize livestream broadcasts, then edit videos using the XSplit Broadcaster, is looking to take streaming to the next level. Today, the company announced the acquisition of gaming discovery and social platform Player.me and tournament management service, Challonge. Both are part of an investment strategy to “create a platform that connects the entire gaming community with the content they love.”

Henrik Levring, CEO of SplitmediaLabs, stated in a press release that, “To date we’ve been mainly focused on maintaining leadership and driving organic growth of XSplit, but these acquisitions will move us into the realm of providing more services for the gaming community as part of a grander vision.” Levring further stated, “We’re going to shake things up a bit over the next few years, by making streaming opportunities as accessible and rewarding as possible for all, from individual players and content creators to eSports entrepreneurs and publishers.”

SplitmediaLabs’ chief marketing officer, John Howe Marshall, spoke with [a]listdaily to discuss the creation of this new platform, the goal of bringing the entire gaming community together, and what it could mean for content creators, viewers and everyone in between.

What led to the acquisition of Player.me and Challonge?

These acquisitions are part of a total $10 million investment strategy to build out a platform to bring the entire gaming community together, from high-profile streamers to viewers and everyone in between. With Player.me and Challonge, we are able to start building on this broader vision.

How do XSplit, Player.me and Challonge complement each other?

I think the three services complement each other really well. XSplit is the tech that helps millions of streamers create professional quality content. Player.me is all about discovering content and creators that you’ll love based on the games and genres of games that you play. Challonge makes setting up game tournaments super quick and easy. These are all things that are really important to streamers and consumers of livestream content as well—high-quality broadcasts, discovering new viewers and new content, and setting up awesome online events.

What can XSplit subscribers look forward to as a result of these acquisitions?

XSplit subscribers can look forward to a broader range of services tailored to the specific needs of the streamer and content creator. Beyond providing the technology and tools to create high-quality streams and broadcasts, we’ll be working to help make streaming more accessible and more rewarding than ever.

Can you give us some insight on what the “grander vision” for the new XSplit platform might include?

While I can’t give too many specifics, we’re working to build a new platform for everyone in the gaming community, streamers and viewers alike. We want to help players connect with one another, share and create content, and even compete with one another as they grow their own followings and communities. By bringing in Player.me and Challonge we’re taking a huge first step toward this.

In what ways will the new XSplit platform different from services such as Steam, Twitch or Facebook Live?

Our platform will be different in that it is tailored specifically to players and broadcasters of gaming content. We work closely with content creators of all sizes and have an intimate understanding of the needs of the streamer—from the perspectives of technology, community, monetization and discoverability. We’re baking all of that into our platform because we strongly believe that internet video content is changing the way the world consumes media. We’re building a platform to change the way players everywhere come together, create and share. We really feel [that] what we’re developing is actually going to be complementary to the likes of Steam, Twitch and Facebook Live.

What challenges are ahead in growing the new platform?

We’ll surely face many of the same challenges that any new platform hitting the market will. One challenge for us going forward will be to continue to grow the popularity of streaming, both from a creation and consumption standpoint.

Ideally, what do you want people to think of when they hear XSplit?

When people think about XSplit, we still want them to think of it as the best option for livestreaming and content creation—but when people think about Player.me, we want them to think about content and community as the new platform will aggregate Challonge and other services going forwards. We want people to think of Player.me as a one-stop shop for all their needs, whether they are a streamer looking to grow their audience, a player discovering new communities, or a viewer looking to find more awesome content.