YouTube has announced that they are extending their partners program to advertisers at the Cannes Lions advertising convention. The partners program extends currently to content providers on YouTube, helping them improve their production and distribution to gain more viewers and help with monetization.

This new branch of the partners program will work like the current program, except instead of independent content producers it will be advertisers getting help with their YouTube marketing. This partners program is aimed at getting companies to start producing content for the video site instead of just taking TV ads and re-purposing them for the Internet.

A lot of gamers use YouTube as a means of showing off their gameplay or games-based content already, and games have become one of the main pillars of content on the site. With so many YouTube channels out there dedicated to video games, will YouTube be extending this program to game advertisers If so, then game companies could begin utilizing this partners program to reach gamers who spend their free time on YouTube looking at original content. We may soon be seeing YouTubers like Two Best Friends Play teaming up with game companies to bring out brand new original content.

Source: TechCrunch