Proletariat Inc. has been founded by Zynga Boston veterans, a studio that was was closed in October 2012 with the game Indiana Jones Adventure World following shortly thereafter. The studio will be headed up by CEO Seth Sivak, art director Damon Iannuzzelli, chief technology officer Dan Ogles, chief creative officer Jesse Kurlancheek and director of engineering Joe Mukai.

“We have all known each other and worked with one another for so long that we’ve developed an organic way of making games together,” said Sivak. “We all want to make successful games, both creatively and as a business. This team has been on both sides and knows how to find that balance. Building games is all about navigating the chaotic process of discovering ‘The Fun’ and then performing a disciplined march to a polished, final product. That process is important to us.”

The studio’s first game will be Letter Rush for iOS, described as being a fast-paced word-find game.