Mark Pincus has already achieved a lot in life as the head of Zynga, the most successful social gaming company in the U.S. However, he is aiming for the stars when it comes to his larger goals for Zynga.

“I want the dog, our dog icon, which was originally my dog Zynga, I want that icon, that brand, to be what I call a dial tone for play,” said Pincus. “I want it to be more recognizable than a Nike swoosh and mean something to you. If you see that on a game, it means it’s social, it means that it’s going to give you back more than what you put into it.”

“I’m very focused on delivering a positive return on investment for the user. If you play our games, if you give us 15 minutes a day, I’m hoping that we don’t just give you entertainment but we actually enhance the relationships in your life. I challenge our product teams that our games should let you meet one new person a day,” he added. “We are getting there. People are getting married through it. It’s a whole new way to date. What I hope is that we create one of these forever brands and experiences like Google, that people, you know, look for in their lives.”

Source: USA Today