by Jessica Klein

Black Friday has come and gone, but YouTube’s many shopping channels continue to thrive. Makeup and toy-related channels tend to take the cake in terms of popularity on the video platform, which this channel list from Outrigger Media’s Emerging Talent Tracker tool exemplifies. The top emerging channel here even recently signed with Maker Studios (along with four other toy channels on YouTube).

It’s undeniable that shopping content as a whole is growing on the video platform, providing a welcome alternative to the usual influencer sources. As Vanessa Toro, the manager of social content at DigitasLBi put it, “Historically, fashion and consumer trends have been shaped by a small, elite few–magazines, Hollywood celebrities, and top brands. The social sphere has completely turned that dynamic on its head.”

See who else from the “social sphere” might be forming fads in the near future.

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