Making the ideal car can be a strenuous process, especially when it comes to browsing through the various details and putting everything just the way it should be. Not to mention paying for it, which can be a struggle in itself. However, Acura has come up with a unique way for you to create a vehicle with very minimal effort.

The car manufacturer has launched a new program where you can modify your own 2015 TLX performance luxury sedan (well, virtually, anyway) by simply putting together characters in Twitter.

“Here’s something you haven’t seen before. Configure your dream 2015 Acura TLX below without ever leaving Twitter,” the company said in a tweet from its official account.

So here’s how it works for users. First, they pick which engine they prefer for the car (either a 206 HP four-cylinder or 290 HP-V6). From there, they can use which kind of steering they want, between Precision All-Wheel and Super Handling. Next up is exterior color, with black, metallic and blue choices available. After choosing these three items, users will see a final image of their vehicle, which they can then tweet out to their friends however they see fit.

So maybe it’s not the deepest customization system available, but it does provide users a chance to build somewhat of a dream car with just a few simple keystrokes. Plus, it’s free, up until you want to buy the car, that is, so it never hurts to dream and see what you can build.

The campaign, put together by the team at Mullen, is the biggest for Acura to date, as it utilizes both promoted tweets and accounts alike. The company’s Facebook page will also keep busy with TLX videos, as well as spots on television.

Michael Accavitti, senior vice president and general manager for Acura, said, “The TLX heralds a new era for the Acura sedan lineup and the scale of the marketing effort behind the launch signifies the importance of the model both to the brand and its position within the luxury sedan market.”

So, get to building!

Source: Digiday