Across the web, pages of the Gotham Observer have begun to appear online. Harvey Dent Day is being celebrated, stories about a rash of burglaries and a construction site being ransacked. All of these things seem like obvious precursors to events in the movie, but there is one ad at the end of the paper for Rykin Data that seems curious. The Rykin site {link no longer active} has a patent application for a system that will purge someone’s digital records in their entirety.

How will this be featured in The Dark Knight Rises?  Maybe it’s a new kind of tech in Gotham?  What do you think?

Mountain Dew also has launched an extensive viral site (link no longer active} for The Dark Knight Rises with plenty of movie-related areas to explore, exclusive items to check out and contests to enter.  The most interesting thing to come out of the site so far is a letter from Wayne Enterprises’ head of R&D, Lucius Fox addressed to a reclusive Bruce Wayne.  In it, Fox expresses his concern over Wayne’s absence, the growing frustration of the board members, a mysterious project that’s sucking up an “astronomical” amount of capital.

The letter can be found in the “Applied Sciences” area of the Mountain Dew website. Dewgothamcity {link no longer active}is chock full of original content unlockables, digital engagements like the Tumbler Designer, digital and real world rewards and gated content (inside the Bat Cave of course). Fans can earn points by registered codes from bottles of Mountain Dew and win a chance to attend an advanced screening, a signed script, a limited edition Xbox, a replica of the Batman or Bane mask or Gotham Rogues gear.