Brands had been making quick use of Jelly, the last app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, but sadly the crowdsourcing Q and A app wasn’t so catching. But now, we have Super.

Super brings a new, fun way to share photo content with your statement, opinion or recommendation by choosing from a few prompts. You can post anonymously or sign your name, however you wish.

The app garners a lot of inspiration from other opinion-sharing apps like Whisper or Secret and the juxtaposition of text and fun colors harkens back to the app Yo.

We’ll certainly be waiting with bated breath to see how brands use Super and whether or not it has sticking power. Until then, Stone is managing his expectations and treading carefully.

“I’ve decided not to come up with some slick and pithy marketing description for Super. I’m also not going to proclaim that it’s the most innovative thing ever or that it’s going to save the world. It’s not, it’s just fun,” said Stone in a post on his publishing platform, Medium.