Snapchat scavenger hunts are rising in popularity as a means to engage audiences and create personal experiences within a brand space. This has proven an effective activation that results in an increase of followers and engagement as Snapchat users compete for prizes.


The Snapchat scavenger hunts began in 2014 when GrubHub hosted a week-long scavenger hunt contest dubbed “SnapHunt,” a first for any brand on the platform. Each day for one week, GrubHub posted a new challenge for followers to complete for a shot at $50 in free takeout. More than 30 percent of GrubHub’s Snapchat followers participated and the brand saw an increase of 20 percent in followers during the contest. In addition to larger contests, GrubHub also used the platform to provide additional value to followers every month through exclusive discount offers and giveaways.



Snapchat users in Los Angeles can follow clues on Delta’s new Snapchat account along with its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as part of the ongoing “Dream Up, LA” campaign. The airline is gearing up for its relocation to Terminals 2 and 3 at LAX, taking steps toward a $1.9 billion plan to upgrade and connect the complex. To get consumers in the area excited, Delta is hosting a Snapchat scavenger hunt that offers opportunities to meet professionals from the fashion, music and culinary arts just to name a few.

“Delta’s ‘Dream Up, LA’ campaign celebrates hardworking, passionate Angelenos who aspire to achieve their dreams, whatever they may be,” said Ranjan Goswami, Delta’s vice president of western sales. “With Delta DreamHunt, we want to help turn some of these dreams into realities, by providing opportunities that take them one step closer to their goals.”

The clues will lead participants to landmarks throughout Los Angeles. Participants enter to win by taking a Snapchat of the landmark with a sponsored geofilter that will be available around the location, and then sending it to Delta’s Snapchat account. Participating celebrities included Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, music duo Karmin and Chef Ray Garcia sharing clues each week on their personal accounts.


The luxury department store chain implemented a scavenger hunt from September 3 to 5 on Snapchat to celebrate the fall launch of its “100 percent” campaign. Entrants have the chance to win a wide range of prizes such as concert tickets to Maddie & Tae, a meet and greet with Rebecca Minkoff during her upcoming fashion show, gift cards to Bloomingdale’s and a variety of fall products.

“Hiding hundreds of Snapchat filters at local stores around the country felt like a fresh take on a scavenger hunt or sweepstakes,” said Jonathan Paul, operating vice president of social media at Bloomingdale’s. “One of our insights came from Pokémon GO and that mobile user behavior. We thought that if we could gamify Snapchat geoflters we could connect with shoppers in a playful and creative way.”


Baltimore Ravens

To kick off the 2016 NFL season, the Baltimore Ravens partnered with Miller Lite for the team’s “Countdown to Kickoff Week.” From September 6 to 9, the brand was engaged with fans through tailgate parties and opportunities to win tickets to the Ravens’ first game of the season last Sunday. The Ravens set up a scavenger hunt on Snapchat for fans to find at least one of six LED letters that spell “Ravens” around Baltimore. Those who sent pictures of themselves next to the letters and used the hashtag #FindTheFlock were entered to win tickets to the Miller Lite Flite Deck for the opening game.


Adidas created a Snapchat scavenger hunt at the end of August in New York and Los Angeles to promote the brand’s line of NMD sneakers and a chance to win tickets to the The Last Encore music tour. Snapchat users had to find the Adidas Street team, marked by Adidas Snapchat street signs around the area. At the street sign, users were able to unlock a Snapchat geofilter while the Adidas street team shared information about Adidas NMD, a casual sneaker inspired by classic Adidas styles from the 1980s. The street team then directed them the Adidas Originals store to unlock a second geofilter, where both could be redeemed for a chance to win.


Snapchat is a unique animal that forces marketing teams to get creative. Even though brands can now use more targeted marketing for Snapchat, activations like these scavenger hunts are a great example of frontline marketing through experiences.