The developers at Tista Games are looking to do something new with Facebook games. They want to create a compelling character driven story like the better Final Fantasy titles in a social game with the episodic nature of a TV show like Lost.

“We combine the best of both worlds” a video game medium that lets you get involved and play through the plot combined with a TV show medium that lets us selectively focus on different characters to show a more complete picture,” said Tista CEO Aunim Hossain.

New episodes of Tempus Chronicle will release every Tuesday at 6 PM. Right now they’re looking to get more money from Kickstarter to fund a full season of 24 episodes with $200,000.

“Along the way, the boys will . . . learn about the secrets of time travel and learn to control it, they’ll each fall in love with very different people, they’ll be separated from each other, and they’ll search for their mother,” said Hossain of the story. “We have a lot of other twists and turns that we’re excited to present to you.”

“In our episodic medium, like Lost, we will be able to really flesh out our characters,” Hossain added. “We’ll have episodes that focus on one of the characters and show their histories, motivations, and insecurities.”

While this will be on Facebook, there will be no energy mechanic, you won’t have to invite your friends and it won’t spam your news feed. “Admittedly, Facebook games have historically been focused on the casual market and have utilized very limited (and tedious) mechanics,” said Hossain. “But we think that Facebook games have the potential to evolve into a much better gaming platform. And we want to be at the forefront of the Facebook gaming revolution.”

“We want you to feel as though you’re playing a real old school RPG that happens to be on Facebook,” he added. “We’re creating the old school JRPG that we’ve been dying to play, we’re releasing it on Facebook to revolutionize the way games are made on that platform, and we’re hoping to pioneer a new genre of weekly scheduled episodic games.”

Source: Kotaku