Facebook has introduced some new features that make the social hub a one-stop destination for discussing and finalizing plans. A recent partnership with Fandango made it possible to purchase movie tickets directly from a feed, and now users can do the same with other events like museum exhibits and concerts.

The implementation of eCommerce into the platform is great news for brands, especially since a whopping 84 percent of social shares are done privately via chat or email. Friends and family are talking about these brands anyway, so why not make it easier to convert those conversations into sales?


The first new feature is called “recommendations.” Now when a user posts a status update looking for advice on where to eat, get their hair cut, where to buy an evil clown costume, etc. an optional “recommendations” tool allows friends and family to post comments about where you should go. These locations are then mapped out and stored in a special tab for later access.

For US Facebook users, the Events bookmark will receive some significant updates over the next few weeks. Users will soon be able to see what events their friends have been up to, or get notified of activities they might be interested in based on past connections. This is especially good news for influencers and brands alike, since the platform will automatically remind or recommend events if that user has participated in the past.

Businesses should start seeing some additional revenue from their Facebook pages thanks to new features that allow customers to order food, request a quote, make an appointment or purchase tickets directly from the site. These features are rolling out first in the US. If they’re successful, they could be rolling out to other areas in the near future. The best part is that businesses don’t have to pay for this option—call to action elements are being added thanks to partnerships with HomeAdvisor, Ticketmaster, Delivery.com and more.

Facebook wants to be your hub for everyday life and the place to be for brands to reach their audience. In light of its recent metrics miscalculations, the social media giant is making huge strides to establish confidence in its partners and, of course, the 1.71 billion monthly active users.

By tapping into the purchasing power of influencers—whether that be a celebrity or your mother—Facebook is making it even harder to tear away from the site and even easier for brands to measure revenue from social media.