Public Enemy has a lot of beefs but file sharing isn’t one of them.  The band is teaming up with Bit Torrent to promote their thirteenth studio album, Get Up, Stand Up.

The band is offering a bundle through Bit Torrent that includes their new album’s title track as a free download.  Once users sign up and download the song, they can unlock additional content such as the music video and video outtakes from the band. They can also jump from the Bit Torrent app over to iTunes to “Support the Artist” and buy the album’s remaining tracks.

For fans, outside of getting a free single, the coolest part of the promo has to be that one of the pieces of content to unlock is a version of the song that they can remix.

Public Enemy producer Gary Rinaldo laid out the philosophy behind the promo and partnership with Bit Torrent, saying, “The ability to freely share an archive and have flexibility on how it can be used is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to making music and media available.”

Source: PSFK