While it’s been somewhat easy for Google+ to get lost in the mix of social networks, currently relegated to mostly SEO-related purposes, Google has been busy prepping what it has unveiled today as the +Post ads. What this really means is that some lucky brands will have the jump on utilizing Google+content to create display ads.

The +Post ads are looking seamless and integrated but the most exciting thing about them is that your ad isn’t just limited to a static image on a timeline. No, your +Post ad can utilize videos, Google’s Hangouts or even just a basic status update.

Although Google+ has a fairly accurate reputation as being a ghost town, this could be the great ‘Wild West’ for brands. An ad like Toyota’s may appear to look like a big fish in a little pond, but being a Google product, the ad doesn’t just get pushed out from Google+. +Post ads get major distribution on other sites in a way that looks a lot less ad-like and engaging. You can see Toyota’s example below: