Car manufacturer Hyundai has decided to pull a few tricks out of entertainment marketer’s playbook by airing a three-part short film during the commercial breaks of next Wednesday’s Legends pilot.

The commercials were made to air during the show’s premiere on August 13, marking the first branded content collaboration between Hyundai and the television network TNT, according to PSFK.

The short film, titled The Genesis, is a sci-fi story that revolves around a man chasing a shady corporation that has kidnapped his girl.

While the all-new redesigned Hyundai Genesis sedan doesn’t shy from the camera, the creators of the short film made sure the automobile didn’t take away from the action or make viewers feel bombarded with advertisements.

The sci-fi short promotes the automaker’s car, while also luring in more viewers for the upcoming TNT drama. The Genesis is part of Hyundai’s multi-screen, season-long series sponsorship that was developed to highlight the vehicle’s striking design and innovative technology through in-show brand integration and television, digital and social promotion.

This collaboration which features branded content is only part of the larger partnership Hyundai has accumulated with the new TV show. Hyundai also has exclusive category sponsor rights for Legends and will sponsor its digital versions as well.

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Source: PSFK