The Pew Internet Research Project has just released its survey findings conducted in September of 2014 about the proliferation and popularity of major social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

Facebook has held firm at its spot as the most-used social network, but for the past year, has had stagnant user growth. That doesn’t mean that social networks have reached their peak, however. In the meantime, every other social network has made big gains in wrangling new users into their midst. The fastest-growing social networks Instagram with Pinterest breathing down its neck by just one percentage point.

Facebook user engagement has been growing even though its userbase has not. According to Pew, 70 percent of Facebook users visit and engage on the site daily, and a high 45 percent actually use it several times a day. Instagram engagement rates are close Facebook’s for being a relatively new platform. Nearly half of Instagram users engage daily.

Pinterest, although growing memberships quickly has a lower daily usage than its counterparts. The platform sees 17 percent of its userbase daily and continues to appeal less for men (13 percent) than women (42 percent).