Geocaching is a hot activity as smart phones enable more and more people to go on quests to find treasure and also help them share their experiences. This was the thinking behind Michelin’s latest campaign to leverage the online geocaching community with a fun scavenger hunt that enters you for a chance to win $1,000 worth of tires.

Michelin has hidden 2,000 Bibendum-shaped (the mascot’s name of course) tire gauges for the adventurous to find and then post their finding using #MichelinQuest on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

In return, Michelin gets great UGC in some awesome locations. The top 10 photos get up to $1,000 of tires and the most-liked photo gets to choose between dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant’s event or going to the Formula E electric race car series.

Source: Digiday