Last year, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim label hit paydirt with its Instagram promotion for Rick and Morty, where players could explore the “Rickstaverse” to find fun little second season factoids by clicking planets and other images tied into the account. Now, the duo is back for more.

A new expansion to the “Rickstaverse” has been introduced on the official Rick and Morty Instagram, titled Interdimensional Cable Adventures. In the game, players can explore 20 new levels across a number of new images, including ones based on episodes of the show. This lets fans check out content based on familiar locations, such as the Plumbus Factory, and pick up collectibles.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Rick and Morty follows the goofball adventures of a drunken scientist and his younger nephew as they explore strange new parts of the universe, from planets hosting an American Idol sing-off to worlds where a sun screams constantly on the horizon. Highlights from the recent second season can be found below.

The “Rickstaverse” has been a huge hit with fans since it launched last July, with over 100,000 followers on the account looking to hunt down mini-games, clips and content from the show. Cable Adventures adds to that, with new goodies to find, including a number of Gazorpazorpfield Comics—a favorite of the duo’s from the show.

This is just the beginning of hype for Rick and Morty‘s forthcoming third season, which is expected to debut on Adult Swim later this year. Expect the show to once again have a big presence at the San Diego Comic-Con next month, where attendees will likely see the debut of new footage, along with other surprises. In the meantime, fans can pick up the second season on DVD and Blu-Ray starting tomorrow.

As for Instagram users, the “Rickstaverse” awaits, and it certainly won’t “get schwifty” by itself.