Snapchat has traditionally prioritized user interactions over brand advertising and creator relations, but after a rough first IPO year and pressure from Instagram, the company is stepping up its marketing game, beginning with app developers.

Snapchat’s new Deeplink attachment allows app developers and marketers a way to direct users to a specific place in their app. This tool directs Snapchatters in one of two directions, depending on whether they have the app installed or not.

If a user sees an ad but already has the advertised app installed, swiping up will direct them to the app in a location determined by the advertiser, such as the store or a certain level. If the ad reaches someone who doesn’t have the app, they’ll automatically be sent to the app store to install it.

When a user downloads a marketer’s app through Snapchat, post-install events can now be tracked through Ads Manager. Events can be customized in a myriad of ways to track any event specific to the app from item purchases, completing a certain level, etc.

Attribution windows are also more flexible, allowing marketers to select windows ranging from one hour to 28 days for users who viewed the ad in the Top Snap position. These windows can also be used to track how many users viewed and then swiped up instead of proceeding to an app install. These changes are designed to more effectively measure how Snap Ads drive app downloads.

Snapchat experienced modest, but less-than-impressive growth in its first year as a public company, but the “ghost” has flooded its business pages with statistics about the consumer habits of its users in a bid to change all that.

Snapchat is also trying to make amends with its top creators who have long felt snubbed by the social network. Last spring, Snapchat began inviting select creators to private meetings at its headquarters in Venice Beach to discuss partnership opportunities.

When Vine fell out of favor with marketers, its top users simply moved on to greener pastures like Snapchat and YouTube. When Facebook introduced Instagram Stories, creators made the move in favor of discovering features and a wide range of analytics. Considering the strong influencer marketing community on Instagram—Snap’s biggest competitor—the company is wise to keep its creators happy.