This week in social media news, TikTok is the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide in April, Snapchat adds 16 percent incremental reach to TV, YouTube expands Shorts to all US creators, Snapchat announces its Creator Marketplace and YouTube shares insight about the most popular vlog greetings.

TikTok Is The Most-Download App Worldwide In April

According to Sensor Tower’s latest data, TikTok was the most-downloaded non-gaming app worldwide in April 2021 with over 59 million installs, most of which came from Brazil and China. Second to TikTok were Facebook, followed by Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. The top five remain unchanged from March 2021.

Why it matters: In March, TikTok also topped Sensor Tower’s worldwide app list. It’s also worth noting that, on Google Play in particular, TikTok downloads overtook Instagram for second place in April; up from third place in March.

The details: Facebook, the second most downloaded app worldwide, bought in more than 53 million installs, mostly from India and the US.

On iOS, the top five list remains the same as March, with TikTok in first, followed by YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Snapchat Shares Data On Its Reach Versus Television’s

Snapchat’s study analyzed how more than 30 cross-platform ad campaigns reached people on its app and on television using Nielsen Total Ad Ratings (TAR). The big takeaways are Snapchat added 16 percent incremental reach to TV and that it was able to reach Gen Z that TV didn’t.

Why it matters: Marketers have reason to scale back on TV and invest in short-form video apps as cord-cutting continues to surge. By 2024, eMarketer predicts non-pay TV households will surpass linear pay TV households.

The details: According to the study, 71 percent of Gen Z reached by Snapchat weren’t reached by TV.

Next, it found that Snapchat reached people who don’t watch much linear television. Nielsen analyzed the distribution of five cross-platform campaigns across light, medium and heavy TV viewers in the US. What they found is that 64 percent of the target audience Snapchat reached are light TV viewers, compared with 18 percent of the target audience TV reached. 

That’s in line with Snapchatter behavior, as nearly 60 percent of US users are considered light TV viewers by Nielsen. Members of this group, Snapchat says, are more likely to have over $100,000 income, have attended over four years of college, change brands for variety, be Spanish-language dominant and live in broadband-only households.

YouTube Expands Shorts To All US Users

During the latest video on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel, YouTube ads policy lead Conor Kavanagh said the platform is expanding its Shorts camera to all US creators and adding new features like 60-second videos and a new Shorts tab.

Why it matters: YouTube only introduced its Shorts Beta to the US in mid-March. The feature, which previously let people only create videos 15 seconds or less, was initially launched in India.

The details: The new Shorts features include being able to record up to 60 seconds. Next, YouTube is adding Shorts filters during the recording and editing screens that let users “color correct or change the vibe of your Short.” Over the next year Kavanagh says YouTube will release more filters and effects.

Shorts will also start generating captions automatically, by default, for videos unless users choose to turn the setting off.

Lastly, Youtube is adding a new Shorts tab to mobile.

Snapchat Is Launching A Creator Marketplace

Snapchat has announced nine new Snap Original shows that feature rising creators and touch on social issues, racial injustice, mental health and climate change. In addition, it’s launching a Creator Marketplace that makes it easy for brands to partner with its creator community.

Why it matters: To date, Snap has created more than 128 Original series and in H2 of last year 85 percent of the Gen Z population watched one of its shows, according to Snap.

Snap is following in TikTok’s footsteps with its new Creator Marketplace. What sets Snap apart from its competitor though is that upon launch the marketplace will enable brands to leverage the expertise of augmented reality (AR) creators in Snap’s Lens Network.

The details: Snap’s three new unscripted shows include Off Thee Leash with Megan Thee Stallion, Charli VS. Dixie and Coming Out. Its new docuseries include Lago Vista, Twinning Out and Meme Mom. Additionally, new to Snap’s scripted series are The Me and You Show and Breakwater.

Snap’s Creator Marketplace will open later this month for brands to partner with a select group of AR creators through 2021. It’ll expand the marketplace to include all Snap creators in 2022.

YouTube Study Highlights Most Popular Vlog Opening Lines

According to YouTube’s latest study, “Hey Guys” was the top vlog greeting in 2020, accounting for 36 percent of the top five greetings.

Why it matters: Pointing to the unique video openings that popular creators have created, YouTube says there’s “value in establishing your unique personality in your first impression.”

The details: To determine the most popular greetings, YouTube identified all the videos that could classify as vlogs using minimum thresholds of at least 20,000 views for the videos and at least 20,000 subscribers for the channels that posted them. This resulted in a data set of over 1 million videos from which YouTube scanned captions.

YouTube found that “Hey guys” has been the go-to vlog greeting for the last decade while “Good morning” and “Hi everyone” have grown in popularity.

Fitness channels specifically use “What’s up” a lot while travel channels lean toward ‘Good morning.”