That’s right. Eighty percent.

Engagement like that is why Snapchat will be relying heavily on Snapchat along with Facebook and YouTube to promote it’s much-anticipated $1 menu which begins next week.

Just for the sake of comparison, popular comedy mainstay Funny or Die gets just 10 percent click rates on it’s promoted Kik messages and just half a percent on Facebook and Twitter. There’s something particularly magic about Snapchat in the way it requires marketers to make content that followers want to go out of their way to find and the personal messaging feel gives users the sense of being in your brand’s inside circle.

Yesterday it came to light that Snapchat is raising a new round with a valuation of $10 billion from KPCB and now it’s all making sense. You have to have a lot going for you to attract marketers who have zero access to data and insights on your platform.

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Source: AdWeek