The official website for UFC Personal Trainer provides a wealth of information, knowledge and connected engagements to get anyone off the couch and into the octagon. An overview of the fitness system behind the technology is detailed in three destinations. The first looks at the ultimate workout for the ultimate UFC body  {link no longer active}  and provides and overview of game features and customizable routines. Also, a section dedicated to NASM, {link no longer active} the National Academy of Sports Medicine, details the certification guidelines behind the game while a guide to the moves  {link no longer active} shows what you’ll be doing to push it to the limit with video accompaniment. An onboarding video  {link no longer active} gets users interested in the game and demonstrates how it works in action. Owners will also be able to link their Facebook and Twitter accounts   {link no longer active} to the game and share their progress and achievements. A fitness blog  {link no longer active} keeps fans up to date with ongoing game updates and UFC news and tips from the pros while on Facebook fans  {link no longer active} can watch videos, training tips and go behind-the-scenes with Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson and Urijah Faber in a dedicated app.