If you’re in North America or you read a lot of game industry news, you’re liable to think Xbox has leapfrogged PlayStation as the favorite among console gamers. Not so worldwide, according to Facebook fans.

Social media analytics firm Socialbakers used a new function being provided by Facebook that maps out fans by region to break down where in the world fans favor either Xbox or PlayStation. It’s worth noting the breakdown is not for current systems Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, rather looking at where each console brand has the largest number of fans. So while Xbox 360 is winning the console race in this generation, it’s safe to say Sony’s stats are being helped by its multiple generations of PlayStation console and handheld hardware, and the 150 million plus units the PlayStation 2 is said to have sold worldwide over its lifetime.

Socialbakers says it’s uncovering other interesting results using Facebook’s new function, for instance that Pepsi’s fans outnumber Coca-Cola’s in the US. The firm told Venture Beat that Facebook’s new tool is going to help unmask brands that have been buying fans, for instance with findings showing large fan distribution in countries such as India and the Indonesia for brands that have no presence there.

Source: Socialbakers