Interest in this year’s election is starting to crescendo as voting day nears, and three brands have found a way to embrace the buzz despite the usual contentious atmosphere. Maker’s Mark, Boston Market and Game of Thrones are each running social campaigns with tongue in cheek political spins.

Maker’s Mark is taking the most direct approach. It’s pairing high profile left-right political duo James Carville and Mary Matalin in a campaign themed as “The Cocktail Party.” It includes a series of YouTube videos starring the two. One of its more creative tactics is selling branded yard signs with the slogan “I Support the Cocktail Party 2012.”

Boston Market is promoting the choice between chicken and turkey dishes as “Left Wing vs. Right Wing,” with a couple of clever videos mimicking negative political ads for each side. The intro to each video is worthy of a Saturday Night Live digital short.

The second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones was one long political power struggle. It’s only fitting that the show’s marketing team recognized the opportunity to jump on the election wagon to keep buzz going for season three. The show is running a Twitter campaign asking fans to vote for who they think should run the kingdoms of Westeros using the hashtag #WesterosElections.

While brands such as Dr. Pepper and Dos Equis have found themselves caught up in controversy in a politically heated environment, these three are turning interest in the elections to their advantage.

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