Retailers should ignore Tumblr at their own peril as Tumblr has released data with insights into where they stand when it comes to the pockets of their users. Tumblr stands above Twitter, Pinterest and far above Facebook with the median household income of its users coming in at $80,075. For comparison, Facebook clocks in at just $70,124.

More than that, with the extra disposable income lining the pockets of the average Tumblr user, a referral from Tumblr means much more in terms of value. Average referral revenue from Tumblr is $2.57 on a tablet and 67 cents on a smartphone versus Facebook’s $1.55 referral visits on tablets and 42 cents on smartphones as measured by Adobe’s Mobile Benchmark report.

Although Tumblr is no Pinterest when it comes to obvious appeal to retailers, over half of Tumblr users have bought something that they saw on the platform and a whopping 90 percent admit to being “inspired to buy something.”

Tumblr’s global head of brand partnerships, Lee Brown, says that Tumblr users are highly engaged return visitors, too.

“Not only do our users have the greatest spending power, but they also spend the most time on our platform. They are both engaged and active, taking that next crucial step to buy what they discover on Tumblr (and then post about it). The customer journey begins on Tumblr with prepurchase aspiration and ends on Tumblr for postpurchase celebration, making Tumblr the ultimate destination for shopping,” said Brown.


Source: AdWeek