As promised back at E3 2013, Electronic Arts is bringing back Star Wars Battlefront in a big way.

The publisher officially unveiled a new gameplay trailer for the long-awaited sequel in the multiplayer action series, which features Rebels battling Stormtroopers on Endor before bigger and badder enemies, such as an AT-AT and Darth Vader, show up to wreak havoc. The trailer made its debut this morning at the Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim, with more set to be revealed at a booth on the show floor. The trailer can be seen below.


As you can see, EA is very serious about making Battlefront the most spectacular effort in the series to date, with an unprecedented amount of focus on presentation. The development team at DICE went to great lengths to capture every bit of essence from the films, including visiting the LucasFilm archives and Skywalker Sound.

The game will not only feature an abundance of content from the classic films in the series, but also from The Force Awakens, as it’ll prepare a special piece of free downloadable content, Battle of Jakku, that will release in early December, weeks before the arrival of the film in theaters. Those who pre-order Battlefront will be able to access the content a week earlier, starting on December 1st.

With strong multiplayer support (up to 40 players online, along with local and online co-op for friends) and a second-to-none presentation, Battlefront could easily be one of this holiday’s bigger system sellers — especially since it opens up the Star Wars spectrum to players. This includes battling enemies on foot with legendary characters like Darth Vader, hopping into a vehicle like a Speeder Bike or AT-AT, and taking to the skies for epic space battles in TIE Fighters and X-Wings.

The game will release on November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC — a full month before Force Awakens debuts. It appears the Force will certainly be strong with players.