We sort through quite a bit of the fluff out there on the Internet on a daily basis and we’ve found what we think are the most interesting, funny and overall, informative, reads for your weekend.

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Life Beyond Amazon: Live-streaming Twitch Alternativees: When Amazon bought Twitch, there were some mixed reactions from its userbase, but other live-streaming sites thrive.

Facebook’s Events Ads Take Aim at Mobile and Local Sales: Events marketers, Facebook is rolling out a new ad unit just for you.

Hollywood’s Big-Money YouTube Hit Factory: Bloomberg’s feature story this week is all about the rise of MCN’s and how Hollywood is going YouTube.

Google’s Ad Boss on Overseeing YouTube Sales and Glass Ads: This is the ad bosses’ first interview since moving to the post early this year.

Everybody Relax, Helly Kitty is Indeed a Cat: Hello Kitty, Sanrio’s biggest brand mascot, is a cat after all. Why did you think she wasn’t

10 Billion Reasons Why Snapchat Can’t Afford to Screw Up Its Advertising: So maybe not 10 billion, but Wired’s Issie Lapowsky definitely makes the point that it is super, super important that they get this right.

The Netflix Case Against Comcast, in One Chart: The latest in the battle between the new and old guards of media.

Gander.tv Launches Weekly Shows With Vine Stars: Shows are national, paid and timely as Vine stars and other influencers are garnering a lot of attention.

Some iPhone and wearables announcements are coming from Apple on Sept. 9. We’ll be providing live coverage of the event, but until then– read up hereherehere and here.