A destination URL for the chilling new FX series American Horror Story YoureGoingToDieInThere.com has launched informing visitors that they can go behind closed doors to discover the secrets of the American Horror Story house and find artifacts of murder, lust, perversion, and betrayal. Stop at the mailbox and sign up to have trinkets sent to you via email or snail mail and start to unlock parts of the website. Be greeted by ghost children, Jessica Lange, and a man on fire who crawls up into the fireplace. Move through the rooms of the dwelling — beginning in the 1940s at the site of a grisly wedding day murder and ending present day in a quiet, albeit creepy corner of the haunted house — and encounter some of the show’s cast members, grisly scenes, old time-y music and creepy artifacts. In a separate engagement called Family Portrait {link no longer active}, uncover 10 characters hidden in the portrait. Letters appear as clues and fans can scratch them into the wall to uncover the next character and a teaser trailer.