by Jessica Klein

Vine creator Princess Lauren (real name: Lauren Giraldo) has regularly managed to do something that most comedians constantly struggle for — being hilarious in a matter of six seconds. The Vine star is only 16, but she’s already gotten the attention of major brand Clean and Clear, meaning she will serve as brand ambassador for their campaign to empower girls, #SeeTheRealMe. The campaign focuses on girls in pursuit of their passions (forget about acne — this is about strong women).

Giraldo speaks both English and Spanish, reaching a total of 2.9 million followers on Vine. This frames her as an attractive partner for brands, and she already boasts sponsors who will pay her just to share their videos with her large audience. We got to ask Giraldo some questions about her involvement in the Clear and Clear campaign and her life on Vine in general. Here’s what she had to say.

How did you get started creating videos on Vine, and how did it escalate from simply creating videos for friends to a career move?

My friends all asked me to start posting Vines, because they thought they would be funny, so I started making more. Before the “Re-Vine” feature, I went on a cruise with 300 followers, and while I was on it, Vine updated the app to allow for “Re-Vines, so when I got home I had 300,000.”

Working with a brand is a new experience for you, correct? How do you feel about aligning yourself with one, and how did you decide to work with Clean and Clear?

This has all happened so fast. It feels rewarding to be recognized for my posts. I am very picky with the brands I choose. Clean and Clear felt right, and I love what they stand for.

Could you describe your role as the brand ambassador for Clean and Clear’s Girl Empowerment campaign, #SeeTheRealMe What does it entail on your end?

We are working on a project by project basis, so I’m not sure what my formal role with them is. The current project we’re working on, #SeeTheRealMe, is in conjunction with the 2014 MTV VMAS. This entailed social media, and I also filmed a commercial and look forward to working with both MTV and Clean and Clear in the future.

How do you identify with the campaign’s message?

I strive to be confident and always show the real me in all of my posts.

Do you think being bilingual plays a large role in your popularity on Vine/your audience reach?

I am very proud to be Latina and speak Spanish and English. In my posts, I normally speak English, but the more languages you speak, the more people you can reach. I love it.

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