Horror film Annabelle: Creation haunts audiences this weekend, so New Line Cinema rolled out some spooky marketing to get fans ready.

The expansion to the prequel of The Conjuring has all eyes on the origins of Annabelle—a possessed doll first made famous by her solo film debut in 2014. Not surprisingly, marketing for the film has focused on the doll itself as well as the true story that inspired it.

The character Annabelle is inspired by an allegedly possessed Raggedy Ann doll of the same name, currently on display at the Occult Museum in New England. The doll is locked in a special display case that reads, “Warning—positively do not open.”

Bus stops bearing a 3D image of the film version of Annabelle have appeared, designed to look like a display case. The posters are labeled with a sign that says, “Warning—do not open” and are secured with a padlock.

Pop culture magazine Complex rigged the Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum in Los Angeles with some Annabelle-themed scares of their own.


While the “real” Annabelle can only be viewed by special engagement, fans were invited to find 13 of them from Mezco Toyz hidden around the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum in New York’s Time Square. Those who spotted all 13 dolls got the chance to win tickets to an advanced screening of Annabelle: Creation.

Didn’t get to find the doll in real life? Fans can make the creepy doll appear anywhere with the “Annabelle’s Presence Photo Creator.” Users are invited to upload a photo or take one with a webcam, then insert Annabelle wherever they like, add filters and share on social media.

If becoming a possessed doll is more your thing, a special Snapchat filter can help with that. And a psychiatrist.


Annabelle: Creation is the third film in The Conjuring series and is directed by David F. Sandberg (Lights Out).

The doll’s 2014 solo film earned nearly $257 million in worldwide box office sales during its run in theaters. Its prequel is anticipated to bring in around $25 million during its opening weekend.