Experiential marketing can be an effective way of engaging fans at festivals, expos and other events through exclusive content. When a campaign ventures into the consumers’ own neighborhoods, however, experiential marketing becomes a game everyone can play. These kinds of activations engage consumers by making memories with them and giving them a sense of accomplishment for participating.

Grand Theft Peanut

Planters’ famous NUTmobile has been spotted in cities across the US over the last month, offering unique photo opportunities along the way. Promoted with the hashtag #PlantersRoadTrip, the campaign didn’t seem any different than previous cross-country treks for the giant peanut-shaped trailer—until it got “stolen” by Richard the Nutcracker.

A devastated Mr. Peanut has enlisted the help of fans across the country, inviting them to report sightings of his beloved NUTmobile through a dedicated tip line (1-800-970-6903). The marketing stunt has resulted in thousands of encouraging messages across social media as fans play along in the hunt for Richard.

Surveillance footage of the “theft” has been viewed over four million times on Facebook and a call between Mr. Peanut and Richard reached over 300,000 views within a few days.

The stolen NUTmobile turned photo opportunities into a nationwide scavenger hunt, with the prize being able to reveal where Richard showed up next.

Believe It Or “Nope”

Annabelle: Creation launches in theaters August 11, but fans can spot the haunted doll—or rather, 13 of them—a week early. New Line Cinema teamed up with the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum in New York City’s Times Square to hide 13 Annabelle replicas from Mezco Toyz among the exhibits.

Visitors will receive a special map of the location to aid in their hunt. Those who spot all 13 dolls will get the chance to win tickets to an advanced screening of the horror film. Select guests will also receive other Annabelle: Creation items and merchandise from Mezco Toyz.

Finding a collection of haunted dolls among Ripley’s unusual artifacts seems fitting and just creepy enough to get fans ready for a good scare. Although, if you find Annabelle in your home, you’ve got bigger problems.

A Puzzle Of Global Proportions

The Layton game series is known worldwide for its puzzle prowess, so ahead of the release of Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy, developer Level-5 created a new challenge—Layton World.

Dapper characters dressed in black began to appear at strategic locations around the globe every few days—each holding a puzzle. Sometimes they are live actors and other times, it is a photo. Hints to their location are given on social media through photos, challenging players to track them down in person.

Fans have been eager to find the locations as quickly as possible and share photos of each new puzzle as it appears. The Layton World web portal automatically translates messages so that everyone in the world can participate, transcending language barriers that would otherwise prevent such a campaign. The result is a global task force of puzzle lovers, each sharing clues, hints and interacting over their mutual love of puzzles.