The 89th annual Academy Awards are right around the corner—fans are excited, filmmakers and movie stars are dreaming of Oscar and advertisers are planning a big push for Sunday’s showcase.

ABC has already sold out of commercial slots for the ceremony, charging an estimated $2 million each for a 30-second spot, making it the network’s single-highest day of ad revenue all year. Between those commercials, however, all eyes will be on this year’s nominees. Thanks to year-round marketing from posters to interview tours, these films have become household names.

Beyond the tours and trailers, we’re taking a look at some of the best out-of-the-box campaigns from this year’s Academy Awards candidates.

La La Land

Evoking the spirit of 1950s musical films and images of classic Hollywood, Lionsgate has been sweeping the awards leading up to the night—reinforcing its message that with big dreams and a lot of hard work, sometimes Hollywood hopefuls really make it. The film’s saturated, dream-like colors and flashy musical numbers hark back to a time when Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers ruled the big screen. Before the world fell in love with La La Land, marketing was based on that nostalgic look and feel, which certainly piqued audience interest. Since then, the studio has shared behind-the-scenes looks and even introduced an iOS stickers app to help spread a little LA sun to friends and family.

La La Land has been nominated for 14 Academy Awards—tied for the most all-time with Titanic and All About Eve.


When aliens show up in a movie, it’s usually not good news, but what if they were just sitting there and willing to talk? In Arrival, Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is a linguist who must communicate with aliens in order to understand their purpose and prevent global war. Roadshow explored the concept of language barriers with a short film to illustrate how listening and communication can bring people together. One of the film’s movie posters brought two cities together, but in an accidental and unwelcome way—by accidentally adding a Shanghai tower to the Hong Kong skyline. The ensuing complaints among current political conflicts in the region resulted in a swift correction and apology by the studio.

Arrival received an impressive eight Academy Award nominations.

Hacksaw Ridge

Lionsgate teamed up with Heroes and Generals game developer Reto-Moto to promote Hacksaw Ridge, the story of a conscientious objector during WWII that showed tremendous courage in the line of battle to save lives rather than take them.

Customers in the US can order an exclusive Heroes and Generals bundle on Steam featuring a digital copy of Hacksaw Ridge, as well as the “Heroes & Generals Medic Pack,” which contains a 14-day Veteran Membership giving players several in-game perks, a Medkit for one soldier that allows players to heal themselves and friends in battle, and a 5x Medic Ribbon Booster for use in game.

Hacksaw Ridge has been nominated for six Academy Awards.

hacksaw ridge

According To YouTube Trailer Views, The “Best Picture” Goes To . . .

YouTube released the most-watched movie trailers for the nine “Best Picture” nominees, giving an indication of which films are bringing the hype.

  1. La La Land: 22.2 million views
  2. Arrival: 16.99 million views
  3. Hacksaw Ridge: 14 million views
  4. Lion: 6.9 million views
  5. Fences: 6 million views
  6. Hidden Figures: 5.9 million views
  7. Manchester By The Sea: 5.76 million views
  8. Moonlight: 4.77 million views
  9. Hell or High Water: 4 million views