It’s a tale as old as time—consumers are drawn to brands that make them feel nostalgic, and Disney is the master of childhood memories. Beauty and the Beast has been re-imagined in live action and will dance its way to the big screen this weekend alongside a massive marketing effort. The film, starring Emma Watson (Harry Potter), Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) and Luke Evans (The Hobbit) retells the 1991 animated classic with a few creative changes and additional songs.

Excited fans can spread the magic with the help of special iMessage stickers as well as exclusive Twitter stickers that can be added to photos. All-new merchandise from the live-action adaptation is already available, from little girls’ dresses to a limited edition set of fine china (yes, that includes Mrs. Potts and her son, Chip).

The official social accounts have been hard at work spreading the hype, especially on Valentine’s Day, with the official Twitter account rewarding lucky hashtag users with rose deliveries and Luke Evans (who plays Gaston) answering fan questions from the set.

While Beauty and the Beast isn’t the first of Disney’s animated films to be adapted into live-action, it was the first at many things, including the first animated film to earn $100 million in the US box office, the first animated film nominated for three “Best Song” Academy Awards and the first Disney film adapted for Broadway. For Disney fans, the film holds a dear place in their hearts—a feeling that can be shared with the next generation. Live action movies are enjoyed across generations, bridging the gap between fans old and new.

Thanks to the success of previously reimagined films like 101 DalmatiansThe Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland, other films are reportedly in the works including The Sword in the StonePeter Pan, Alladin and Mulan.