Razer is one of the biggest brand names in high-end gaming peripherals and equipment, while Lenovo is one of the top PC manufacturers in the world. The two recently announced a partnership to combine their strengths and develop a co-branded and co-marketed Razer Edition gaming systems based on the Lenovo Y series.

Lenovo’s Victor Rios has talked to [a]listdaily about the partnership, stating that “Razer has earned the respect and admiration of millions in the global gaming community.”

Now [a]listdaily speaks to Kevin Sather, Director of Systems Marketing at Razer, to further understand how this partnership enhances both companies.

KevinS RazerHow did Razer reach a partnership with Lenovo

Lenovo is a global technology leader and the number one PC maker. Their expertise in PC technology, supply chain, and manufacturing compliment Razer’s strengths, focus, and dedication to the PC gamer.

In what ways will the Razer brand and expertise enhance Lenovo’s products

Razer is a world leading lifestyle gamer brand specializing in connected devices and software for gamers, with 10 years of experience in the space. This strategic partnership to co-brand and co-market new special Razer Editions of Lenovo’s Y series gaming devices opens the door for future collaboration, including the potential to co-develop devices as well as cross-channel opportunities in the future to deliver the most immersive gaming experiences to gamers worldwide

How will this partnership expand the Razer brand to a broader audience

Lenovo is a technology leader and the number one PC maker, with a global “innovation triangle” which enables it to tap into global talent with major research centers in the U.S., China and Japan. There are over one billion gamers in the world, and they’ll be getting the best of both worlds, enjoying the combination of Lenovo’s hardware capabilities and performance of the Y Series devices, and Razer’s immersive connected technology and gamer focused expertise.

Razer has its own line of gaming systems, such as the Razer Blade. How will these co-branded systems fit in with that line-up

Each company will continue to produce and market their respective lines of gaming devices. The partnership is focused on combining the best elements of both brands into co-branded products that will be marketed as “Razer Edition” versions of Y Series devices.

How will Lenovo Y Series Razer Edition gaming systems be promoted

At first, it’ll be through our social channels. That’s part of the reason this was announced at DreamHack in Sweden. We wanted to show a prototype of a Lenovo Y Series Razer Edition desktop to an audience that is PC heavy. DreamHack was an ideal venue to share the news and show off the device, not only for those in attendance in Sweden, but gamers worldwide watching via live streams. We are excited to be able to share the products that will be born out of this partnership with our loyal fans all over the world. We create solutions for gamers, by gamers, and these new co-branded products will adhere to that core value.