Tribeca Games is an initiative launched by Tribeca Enterprises. Similar to how the Tribeca Film Festival (which drew in over 467,000 attendees last April) celebrates movies, Tribeca Games showcases the artistry, innovation and storytelling of video games through events and partnerships. Its inaugural event — ‘Tribeca Games Presents The Craft And Creative Of League Of Legends‘ “ is set to take place on November 13th in New York City, and will feature Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, one of the most popular games and eSports in the world.

More than 67 million worldwide play League of Legends each month, and the game recently finished its 2015 World Championship, where $2,130,000 in cash prizes were awarded to winning teams. Additionally, Riot Games connects with its vast community through initiatives like its filmmaking team, which has produced two documentaries spotlighting its players.

[a]listdaily speaks to Patty Newburger, Executive Vice President at Tribeca Enterprises and Riot Games to learn more details about the up-and-coming video gaming event.Â

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Newburger explains that, “At Tribeca, we celebrate storytelling, and we feel that some of the best stories and creative are found in gaming. Beyond being one of the most played games in the world, League of Legend’s ongoing evolution lends itself to extraordinary creative in and around the game. From the design, to music, to art, to champion creation, the creative process behind the game is truly unique and has captured the imagination of a large and highly-engaged community.

In addition to having a massive playerbase, League of Legends has a passionate community, and we wanted to make sure that we featured the game in the most authentic way possible. This is why we worked directly with Riot Games on programming the event. By working closely with Riot’s team and inviting Riot’s creative talent to share their process, we are able to ensure that attendees will get an organic behind-the-scenes look into the creation of the game.”

At the same time, Riot Games expressed that it was “honored to be part of the inaugural Tribeca Games event. Tribeca is such a respected group in the film industry that it’s exciting to see them extend their entertainment reach into gaming. Participating in the event is a unique opportunity for us.

With Tribeca’s focus on storytelling, events like Tribeca Games allow us to explore the creative side of making games. It’s an opportunity to dive a little deeper into discussing craft and how we think about the process of game development. Hopefully those insights can inspire future developers or even just help connect us better to players.”

“With the launch of Tribeca Games, people are excited that Tribeca now has a platform dedicated to gaming,” Newburger adds, when asked about the response to Tribeca Games event in comparison to the Tribeca Film Festival. “Audiences know Tribeca as a brand that elevates creative voices — whether it be through our Festival’s film screenings, our Tribeca Talks program, music events, tech exhibits, and so on. The gaming industry attracts some of the best creative talent around, which is what we’re looking forward to showcasing through Tribeca Games.”

The Tribeca Games event works to celebrate League of Legends and its diverse fanbase, all the while bringing its fans closer to the developers. “Riot Games” mission is to aspire to be the most player-focused game company in the world,” the company explains. “It’s a trait we look for in potential Rioters and a value that’s reinforced all the time internally. If everyone’s thinking about the impact of their work on players and using that as their guide, we believe it will drive positive results. Attracting a large number of players is a byproduct of that effort.”