Electronic Arts, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Partnerships & Licensing today announced a new multi-title partnership to bring the Minions and other characters from upcoming Illumination films to life in all-new mobile games. Minions Paradise, the first game from the collaboration, launches worldwide this summer, allowing players to create their own tropical Minion utopia and take control of a never-before-seen Minion named “Phil.” As part of this unique partnership, Illumination’s writers, directors, artists, and animators are working hand-in-hand with EA’s mobile development team on the creative of the mobile games.

Providing some insights into this deal for [a]listdaily is Chip Lange, VP and GM for EA Mobile.

Chip Lange

Why did you decide to bring the Minions and other characters to mobile rather than other platforms?

The Minions are some of the most recognized and beloved characters in the world, and smartphones and tablets are the most ubiquitous gaming platforms in the world — it’s a perfect match. We’re working with Illumination to create a fun, immersive way for players to take the Minions with them anytime, anywhere.

Are these games targeting younger players, or are you looking for an audience that’s broader than the film’s audience?

One of the things that drew us to working with Illumination is the universal appeal of their characters, whether you’re eight or 80. We’re building games that reflect this diversity. We’re designing Minions Paradise with Illumination to deliver quick bursts of fun alongside deeper sessions where players can obsess over designing the ultimate playground for Phil and his Minion buddies.

Will some of these games feature characters or content from upcoming films, as well as characters from previous films?

One of the most exciting things about Minions Paradise is Phil, a brand new Minion created exclusively for the game. EA’s game makers are working hand-in-hand with Illumination’s team of artists, writers and filmmakers to deliver fresh, fun and unexpected updates for years to come, whether it’s in the form brand-new surprises or fan-favorite content.

What can you tell us about your marketing strategy for these games? How will you find players?

We’re partnering closely with both Universal and Illumination to reach out to the 100’s of millions of fans of their IP around the world who we know want to interact with these characters. Whether through social communities, media channels or more traditional media, we’re providing a direct, creative new way for fans to engage with the Minions.

Are these games going to be part of the marketing strategy for future films from Illumination? Does Illumination see these games as an important way to create interest and engagement in Illumination characters and films?

We see Minions Paradise as another point of interaction with these irresistible characters. At EA we pride ourselves on our ability to create longstanding. 1:1 relationships with our customers, delivering quality, delightful game experiences. Illumination realizes that on a global basis, there is no better, more accessible platform to entertain their customers than mobile devices. We all come to work every day with the goal of delighting players with the combination of Illumination’s amazing characters and storytelling, and EA’s game making craftsmanship.

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