Netflix is celebrating the sixteenth anniversary of Gilmore Girls as it gears up for a special, four-part event called Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life debuting November 25. Anyone who’s watched the show knows that coffee is pretty much the meaning of life, and java lovers had one heck of a “Gilmore time” on Wednesday morning with the sudden pop-up of Luke’s signs around 200 local coffee shops.

From 7 a.m. until noon, fans enjoyed a little piece of Stars Hollow with a free cup of coffee served in a special Luke’s cup. Under the sleeve was a quote from the show about, you guessed it—coffee—and a few came with a code to enjoy three free months of Netflix for non-subscribers so they can binge watch the show before the new episodes air next month.

Baristas even donned plaid shirts and wore their hats backward as an homage to Luke, the fictional diner’s owner, alongside a cutout of the character holding a firm set of ground rules. Another nearby sign from Netflix encouraged fans to break the cell phone rule and post pictures of their special Luke’s coffee in anticipation of the anniversary special. A number of characters also started popping up on the official Gilmore Girls Instagram account, such as Rose “Gypsy” Abdoo and Grant-Lee “Town Troubadour” Phillips—although the infamous Lorelai and Rori had not made an appearance the last time we checked.

To fully get viewers in the mood for fall in Stars Hollow, a website has appeared with information about the show’s locations as well as the town’s history. There’s even an email address that can be used to ask Luke life advice which we, of course, have taken advantage of. (Response pending!)

For those who witnessed the Luke’s pop-up activation this morning, many will be inspired to re-watch the show or check it out for the first time, a great way to build excitement and start conversations about Netflix’s forthcoming show.