It’s marketing morphin’ time! Saban’s Power Rangers are back in an all-new film—complete with updated cast, story, costume designs and of course, plenty of nostalgia to go around.

Saban’s martial-arts-fighting, power-of-friendship adventures have fascinated audiences of all ages since 1993 with a hit TV show, multiple spin-offs and theatrical films—the last of which just earned a whopping $40.5 million in North American box offices. Lionsgate Entertainment teamed up with IGN to share the star-studded red carpet premiere with fans across Facebook Live in real time. Power Rangers Facebook stickers are available to keep the conversation going.

The official movie app allows fans to bring coloring book images to life and record themselves as “The Might Zordon,” a character from the movie played by Brian Cranston.

Twitch hosted a 17-hour livestream marathon of the original, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show beginning on March 14—generating over two million video plays, an additional 875,000 unique viewers and 25 million minutes watched . . . all on its first day.

“We knew going into this marathon that Saban’s Power Rangers was a show deeply rooted in the formative years of many of our community,” said Annie Berrones, product marketing director at Twitch in a statement. “Their passion for the show is evident not just in terms of the turnout, but in how they have been celebrating this event with all new memes in chat.”

Heroes from across the franchise’s universe go head-to-head in a new mobile game called, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. To promote both the game and movie, Ludi Lin, who plays the Black Ranger in the Power Rangers movie and Jason David Frank (the Green and White Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) took each other on at the Unity Keynote event from GDC 2017 in San Francisco, California. As an added promotion, attendees were treated to a free ticket to see the movie.

For St. Patrick’s Day, the renowned villain, Rita Repulsa took over the official Power Rangers Twitter account to sling insults at the heroes. Lionsgate partnered with Pantone to let fans discover which color ranger they would be, based on answering a few questions online.

Whether viewers are young or old, new to the franchise or a hardcore fan, Lionsgate made sure to include a bit of colorful hype for everyone.