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A Complete Guide to AI Digital Assistants for Marketers

Neil Patel

Automating a majority of your workflow via artificial intelligence (AI) allows you to target individuals rather than generic groups, optimize content marketing workflow and streamline SEO strategy.

Why it matters: Artificial adoption among marketers is up 186 percent from 2018, according to the Salesforce State of Marketing Report.

The App Industry’s Reckoning With Privacy, Control, And Consumer Empowerment


The best way to drive profit in a post-pandemic era isn’t to raise prices or churn through users, but to show consumers you care through enhanced privacy and security measures.

Why it matters: Two out of three consumers are willing to delete an app if it collects information unrelated to the app’s main offer unless they receive real value in return, according to a survey by Anagog.

Why Every Brand Should Be Anti-Capitalist

The Drum

To be more pro-consumer, brands must become anti-capitalist and communicate in a human-centric way.

Why it matters: This means not using your competition as a template for your point of view, challenging established systems that act against inclusivity and recognizing you can’t reach every audience but still honoring intersectionality.

Adidas Hosts Digital Festival Featuring Karlie Kloss To Launch New Trainer Styles


As Adidas prepares to launch 70 new designs of its sneakers, the brand is hosting a week-long digital festival starting October 14 featuring panels with musicians, sportspeople, supermodels and designers, as well as 30 surprise raffles.

Why it matters: The festival marks Adidas’ first-ever members’ week as the event is limited to members of the brand’s free Creators Club loyalty program.

Walmart Will Host Socially Distant Trick Or Treating And Tailgate Events At Stores This Fall


Walmart is extending its virtual summer camp into fall with a range of Halloween-themed activations including virtual tutorials, contactless trick-or-treating at 100 of its stores around the US starting on October 15 and tailgating events that kick off in six college towns across Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin and Utah.

Why it matters: The pandemic has prompted 75 percent of consumers to change their Halloween plans, according to a survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF).