The Favorite Games Of Ted Price

Ted Price (Insomniac Games) on his true gaming loves

IndustryGamers has kicked off a very innovative series of articles taking a look at the most favorite and influential games for a variety of industry folks, starting with Insomniac Games’ Ted Price.

Great idea for a series, peeling back the serious layer of business and getting to the hearts of some of today’s best known people.  IndustryGamers explains:

Whether you’re in development, publishing, marketing or another sector, you’re working in games because you have a passion for video games. So we thought it would be appropriate to ask some of the top names in gaming to tell us about their favorite games of all-time.

Glad The Legend of Zelda and Call of Duty 4 made the cut, although somebody tell me, where’s Shaq-Fu

[Full top ten at IndustryGamers]  {link no longer active}