Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts this week’s trends.

Radisson Hotel Group

Booked and busy. Raddison Hotel Group unveils “Raddison Inn & Suites,” a brand of limited-service but midscale hotels. The hotel is not like others as it offers a unique lifestyle concept for influencers. Content creators cash out on large partnerships worldwide, which means they need space to create on the go. That is where Raddison’s addition of Creative Content Studio comes in. The Creative Studio allows influencers to stay connected and stay comfortable as they share work with the inherently social world. However, enticing the partnerships may be, brands must align and vet creators as they venture into the booming creator economy. Moreover, brands must ensure their offerings are evolving for the modern world.


Swipe right. Tinder introduces “Festival Mode,” alongside Live Nation, Superstruct Entertainment, and AEG Presents. The partnerships with the app has resurged in relevancy as new lineups roll out globally. As the world “opens up,” and people aim to make up for a lost time, brands have the unique opportunity to bridge the gap and cultivate a community and a space to connect freely.


What’s up. WhatsApp is dipping its toes into the Discord pool with its Communities tab. While still in the works, the feature aims to allow larger groups stay in touch. The addition speaks volumes about how people want to stay connected with loved ones and new people alike. For example, the two are not chained to one country but give access globally to those who wish to partake in something beyond themselves. Making a seamless way for users to connect solidifies, separates, and certifies the best brands versus others.


Past life. Like Twitter, the changes allow people to let go of previous posts. The new feature would make it more challenging to sift through videos, especially from oldest to newest. Whether good or bad, only time will tell. However, the new app features and opportunities highlight the necessity of watching one’s digital footprint, which transcends people, partnerships, and brands.


IRL X URL. Zara releases a new collection where buyers can shop for in-person deals and metaverse steals. The metacolllection also features beauty products that span the two worlds that are quickly colliding. Currently, finding footing is very difficult as the space is rapidly changing. The future will involve virtual and physical elements, and brands should be future-focused, still positively positioning for success in the present.