Royal Caribbean International has released an AI tool called SoundSeeker that turns vacation photos into musical presentations. Not only does the tool create a vacation album ready for sharing on social media but allows followers to envision their own cruise experiences.

The web-based AI program analyzes three user photos based on factors like the backdrop, facial expressions, colors and mood, then matches each picture with music, “virtually DJing life’s most brag-worthy moments.” The custom soundtrack generator was developed with the help of Berklee College of Music, which used music theory to account for pitch, tempo and instrumental combinations.

After a minute or so, SoundSeeker presents the finished product as a kaleidoscope video that can be downloaded or shared over social media. Each video bears the Royal Caribbean logo and a call to action for viewers to create their own.

SoundSeeker taps into a growing trend among young social media users—travel bragging. The practice of seeking the perfect Instagram shot that exhibits an exotic lifestyle has become an important part of the travel experience. In fact, a December 2017 study by and Expedia found that 32 percent of US travelers aged 18-29 frequently track the amount of interaction on their vacation posts for bragging purposes.

“SoundSeeker is the latest proof point of Royal Caribbean innovation and how we focus it on delivering unexpected, memorable experience,” Jim Berra, chief marketing officer of Royal Caribbean International said in a statement. “People of all ages crave new ways to share their best experiences on social media.”

SoundSeeker is the latest effort by Royal Caribbean to develop and utilize emerging technology as a way to connect with its cruise guests on an emotional level. The cruise line has not been shy about integrating technology into its cruise experiences from the internet of things to 360-degree tours. Royal Caribbean has taken a special interest in the “millennial” traveler in recent years, adding satellite internet access, Xbox One play areas and partnering with social media influencers.

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