TIME Magazine launched an app combining augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), called Time Immersive app to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. To promote the app, the magazine’s most recent cover shows an illustrated homage to the original 1968 cover of astronauts from different nations racing to the moon—this time adding space startups to the mix. 

An unexpected message also appears: “Brought to you by Jimmy Dean,” is printed in small type on the cover, marking the first time since 2014 that TIME put sponsored content on the magazine’s cover. Additionally, the ad on the underside of the front cover flap reads, “Celebrating 50 years of quality sausage.” 

In 2014, TIME broke industry taboo when it ran Verizon Wireless ads on the cover of TIME and Sports Illustrated, AdAge reported. The Verizon logo and the words “For best results use Verizon. See P. 23,” appeared on the TIME cover that highlighted saving premature babies. TIME’s recent decision to run an ad front-and-center on its cover, however, could mean more sponsored covers are in its future.

The first app experience, also sponsored by Jimmy Dean, “Landing on the Moon,” allows viewers to “experience a scientifically and historically accurate cinematic recreation of the Apollo 11 landing in photo-real 3D on any tabletop at home.” The activation will include spatial sound design and a voice-over by TIME’s Jeffrey Kluger. The magazine is also giving fans a teaser of the 3D experience as a mobile web AR experience. 

TIME’s app launch coincides with Jimmy Dean’s 50th anniversary which might explain the cover’s ad tie-in. The sausage brand is commemorating its milestone with an interactive timeline of the brand’s history on its website and two short video spots posted to its Twitter. One of the 15-second spots shows the celebratory scene that unfolded in the space control room when Apollo 11 landed. The camera then zooms in on one of the flight controllers who’s seen enjoying a Jimmy Dean sausage, and the spot ends with the narrator voicing, “50 years ago, something extraordinary happened: Jimmy Dean sausage first landed on our plates. Houston, we have a better breakfast.” 

Earlier this year, TIME announced two forthcoming immersive projects. “The March” will give audiences the chance to experience the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in a room-scale interactive VR. The second initiative, called “The ISS Experience,” will be an immersive documentary series filmed around the International Space Station.