Adidas has introduced a new avenue of interactivity for the Instagram site, with the launch of a new game called Predator Instinct, which ties in with its latest line of athletic shoewear.

The game, which can be found at the Adidas Polska Instagram account, utilizes a technology and concept put together by the team at Isobar Poland, and is looking for a young, active social media and mobile audience that take advantage of Instagram’s mobile platform.

The game has you matching pictures through the Instagram page, where customers interact with nine different pictures, all featuring the new Instinct shoe line-up. These pictures will then link to other profiles tagged by the company, and users can also access galleries where the password of the day will be hidden. Once received, they’ll be able to enter these passwords and enter in a daily contest, where they can win their own pair of Predator shoes, at an estimated worth of around $200. Other players can win branded Adidas soccer balls, as runner-up prizes.

Such an activity could open up a new gaming column for the Instagram site, especially if it becomes a huge draw on the social media front, with tie-ins to other websites like Twitter and Facebook. Adidas has already called upon the services of popular football journalist Michal Poi and Warsaw football club Legia player Jakub Kosecki to promote the interactive contest as well.

The game will begin this week and run through September 3, with new passwords leading to the images released around 11 am each day. It’s definitely worth checking out, even if you don’t win anything, so stop by the Adidas Polska account and get started.

What do you think Is Instagram ready to host its own game channel Could this lead to bigger and better promotions down the road Or should the site simply stick to what it does best with pictures and video

Source: PSFK