Binge viewing, where fans sit down and watch an entire season (or more!) of a hit show in a single sitting, continues to grow, mainly due to the exclusive programming offered by Hulu, Netflix and other streaming networks. And a new study from Annalect shows that it’s definitely on the rise.

The study, held back in May 2014, shows that 63 percent of U.S. TV watchers ages 18 and up feel that binge viewing is the way to go when watching television. However, only 30 percent actually admitted that they actually partake in binge viewing.

Out of those who do admit they take part, 58 percent state that they enjoy binge viewing mainly because they don’t have to put up with annoying ads or commercials. 57 percent, however, was a little more drastic in rely, stating that ads prevented them from enjoying their shows. Closely behind with 53 percent, viewers believe that ads don’t even have a place when it comes to binge viewing.

49 percent of these viewers still believe that ads are a part of TV viewing time, whether engaging in binge viewing or just casually watching. 38 percent of this audience believes that ads are tolerable, provided that there was a lowering in monthly subscription rates. Meanwhile, 35 percent believe that ads actually provide a decent break from binge-viewing, in case someone needs a snack or a bathroom break.

As for viewing favorship, 54 percent of millennials believe streaming is the way to go, compared to 36 percent with Gen X audiences and 16 percent of Baby Boomers. As for what they preferred, boomers feel that broadcast/cable TV is ideal for binge-watching by 46 percent, while just 14 percent of millennials and 19 percent of Gen Xers believe so. DVR was probably the lowest form, with percentages under 20 percent across the board.

What do you think? What do you prefer when it comes to binge viewing?

Source: eMarketer