For over 25 years now, EA Sports’ Madden games have been entertaining the populace, bringing in millions of football fans and casual players with each growing year. This year’s entry, Madden NFL 15, is no exception, although EA Sports has taken a different approach to how the game is advertised, and where. Rather than rolling out an ad campaign on TV, EA Sports premiered this ad on the company’s YouTube channel.

Rather than going with a traditional trailer that shows gameplay, the new Madden NFL 15 ad features comedian Kevin Hart and actor Dave Franco interacting with each other over a gameplay session, including such out-of-control circumstances as a bear playing violin in a pool, and a house catching on fire. A number of football players also appear, taking part in crazy activities themselves, including a “blah blah blah” style rap. The ad, in other words, has a hearty dose of strange that’s very far away from a typical sports game ad.