Oculus VR is more than ready for next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The forthcoming Oculus Rift headset is sure to take focus at a number of booths at the event, but that isn’t stopping the company from making its impact before the show even starts.

The company just launched a brand new website that features a new logo, removing the old “eye” logo that it was known for in favor of something a little more cryptic, as seen above. In addition, it has also kicked off a countdown clock, which is ticking away to a press reveal that is set to take place tomorrow in San Francisco.

The Oculus has gotten a fair share of attention since social site Facebook acquired the company (and the VR headset) for a whopping $2 billion. News on the headset was quiet for a while after that, until the company confirmed last month that it would finally make its way to retail in early 2016. Tomorrow’s press announcement should solidify launch details even further, and maybe even give consumers an idea of what to expect when it finally arrives.

The rebranding of the company isn’t too drastic – the word “Oculus” is still very evident with advertising, and a strange oval-shaped logo hanging above it indicates a design similar to that of the Rift’s viewer. And the timing is very good, especially considering that a lot of pre-E3 announcements are making the rounds, in-between new game reveals, trailers and other news. So Oculus is sure to fit right in with the hype, no matter what it intends to announce during tomorrow’s showcase.

There’s still some doubt in terms of how well-received the headset will be – and just what kind of pricing is being planned. Nevertheless, we’ll have a better idea in just a day’s time, and it’s sure to be virtually exciting for those who can’t wait to see it debut on the market –several years after the initial KickStarter campaign took place.