Popular movie and television-streaming service Netflix got social on an entirely new level with the launch of their “Social Recommendation” feature on desktop, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and iOS platforms last September, allowing users to suggest movies and television shows to their friends on social networking services with the click of a button.

Now, Netflix intends to bring all supported platforms on board with Social Recommendations with today’s launch of the functionality for Android devices. According to a post on Netflix’s official blog, enhanced capabilities will be available for Android users, playing on Android’s highly regarded push notification functionalities to deliver users vibrant images and action buttons.

Android smartwatch users have reason to be excited today, too; Netflix’s announcement included a statement of support for Android Wear, allowing fans of wearables to receive alerts when new recommendations arrive on their Netflix accounts with options to watch, thank, or get information on the show or movie in question.

Today’s announcement continues Netflix’s ambitious push towards becoming an indispensable component of every entertainment consumer’s life; CEO Reed Hastings recently offered up a grim prognosis for broadcast television, while chief content officer Ted Sarandos outlined a plan to become available “everywhere in the world” by 2019.